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What social activities do you enjoy?

NAViGO Extra understands the importance of continuing to do activities you enjoy and feeling part of a community.  If you struggle to access the community on your own, we are here to help.

Our care assistants are able to support you on public transport or in their own vehicles to enable you to interact with people and to do the things that you enjoy.

Old age, physical or mental health difficulties can be a factor of social exclusion, causing vulnerable people, for a number of reasons to become excluded from the community.

NAViGO Extra aims to help their service users to combat social exclusion by enabling them to go out and meet friends, go to Cafes, have an evening out or whatever it is that the individual enjoys doing. Our care assistants accompany service users out and about, making getting around easier as NAViGO Extra care assistants have access to vehicles used for work purposes.

NAViGO Extra supports our service users to enjoy a wide variety of social activities, including:

  • Organising days out, such as meeting friends and family

  • Regular weekly visits to the local community hubs or third sector run groups

  • Visits to watch the action at the local football clubs or bowls club

  • Shopping trips

  • Visits to the hairdresser, nail bar or spa, for some pampering

  • A trip to the library

  • Meeting friends at a café for tea and cake

  • A visit to the cinema or theatre

  • Bingo

  • Attending friendship at home

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