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Providing quality home care in North East Lincolnshire

We deliver a high standard of person-centred care, to enable adults who suffer from mental illness or physical health problems to maintain their independence and promote individual wellbeing.

The care we provide includes assisting individuals with their day to day needs: delivering personal care, supporting mental health and wellbeing, social inclusion, assisting with meal times and shopping, enabling medication, helping service users to attend appointments, and management of finances.


Personal care

Illness, age or disability can make it difficult to carry out many parts of your own personal care; we understand how frustrating this can be. Care in the home can allow an individual to get the additional support that they need whilst staying in a place where they feel comfortable and independent.  

We can assist you with a variety of personal care tasks, including:

Help with washing, showering or bathing, dressing, toileting, oral hygiene, and shaving.

Continence, catheter care and stoma bags 

NAViGO Extra care assistants are trained in catheter care and have experience with stoma bags.


Prompt and enable medication including applying creams, ear and eye drops, recognising and discussing your health needs, arranging appointments with healthcare professionals. With your permission we would also liaise with district nurses and other professional bodies.

Food preparation 

NAViGO Extra care assistants can support with menu planning, shopping and preparation of meals and snacks.

Domestic duties

During care visits, our Support Workers can help with housework and domestic duties, such as cleaning, laundry, ironing, shopping and cooking. These tasks can be physically demanding, allowing NAViGO Extra to take on some of these tasks means that you can save your time and energy for more enjoyable things.

Respite care

As a carer would you benefit from some ‘me time’?

We are able to offer packages of short term care, guided by you to ensure you and your loved ones needs are met.

What people say about NAViGO Extra...

'I just wanted to say thank you, you did a terrific job, [persons name] flat looked lovely, you did such a thorough job. [persons name] will be overjoyed when he returns home' - response from domestic duty service


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